Corporate In-person On-site training Human Trafficking

Now providing Human Trafficking Training to Hotels/Motels/Public Lodging Establishments

On-site training available for you and your staff at affordable prices. All courses taught by Experienced Trauma Expert. Human trafficking training is required for all healthcare, mental health professionals, and required for many education professionals and hotels/motels. Scheduled workshop dates and times also available on home page. 


Be trained by the Best in the industry and get certified Now before our schedule for 2020 is full!

A well-designed and comprehensive training program provided by Human Trafficking Education Seminars will allow your establishment to meet state requirements and provide administration and staff with the knowledge needed to identify, prevent, and respond to human trafficking, at your facility and in the community at large. Our comprehensive program includes up-to-date research, relevant examples, and most importantly, taught by an expert in the field. More than 400 presentations and seminars have been instructed by Amy Joy. Her blend of education and personal experience provides you and your staff/colleagues with a unique training experience. Our training program is approved and Nationally accredited by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) as an approved Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) course.

Benefits to your establishment include:

Public acknowledgement that YOUR establishment is safe for children and families. Your establishment will be listed on our website as a certified safe place or public lodging due to your new expertise in human trafficking identification and response. 

Avoid potential litigation by not tolerating sex or labor trafficking to be a part of your establishment. Most recent case:

In-person live seminar allows you and your staff/colleagues to engage in relevant discussion, ask questions, thereby creating a well-rounded and dynamic training experience. 

Ready-to-respond Toolkit; assessment tools, posters (mandated by the State of Florida), references, resources, and step-by-step protocol for response to suspected cases of human trafficking.

On-going support for new hires with contractual agreement for annual training events 

Training Course Program Details

Course Title: Human Trafficking Education Seminar

Program Director: Amy Rouleau (Restoration Place Director/ Human Trafficking Education Seminars CEO)

Program Trainer: Amy Joy 

Training Course Description:

What you will know at the conclusion of the event:

1. Understand legal definitions of human trafficking

2. Know the differences between sex trafficking and labor trafficking

3. Apply best practices for identifying and reporting suspected cases of human trafficking

4. Access and/or apply interventions and treatment for survivors of human trafficking

5. Identify human trafficking indicators specific to hotel, motel, and public lodging establishments


Human Trafficking Education Seminars (HTES) has developed comprehensive, dynamic educational events to provide professionals in healthcare, mental health, education, transportation, and public lodging establishments, nationwide. HTES seminars are taught by an expert; her areas of expertise include public administration, social work, and developmental trauma. 

HTES is the most requested educational program for human trafficking identification and response, in the State of Michigan. So many are coming to realize the importance of human trafficking training and created mandates for professionals. In the State of Michigan, all healthcare related professionals must have this training before becoming renewing their license. HTES had the privilege of educated thousands of professionals, beginning 2012 extending to present-day. Last year alone our HTES speaker presented at 94 educational events. 

HTES seminars are 4 hours 15 minutes in length and accredited by the Association of Social Work Boards as an Accredited Continuing Education program. 

HTES seminars meet the State of Florida requirementsfor Human Trafficking Identification and Response Training. 

All training seminars come with Certification, specific to your establishment and every person who attends the training. Certificates of Completion (individual attendees) and a Certification Certificate for your public lodging establish is given out at the conclusion of the seminar. 

Training Course Program Rates

Onsite in-person training for hotels, motels, public lodging establishments, and shared rental sites

4-hour training program

Onsite training - flat fee of $1250, 50% deposit required, remained to paid 30 days prior to training

Annual in-person training at the same rate with five-year contract (we would come down in-person) comes with continued support for new hires in the form of two-hour online program. All new hires should be trained within 60 days of hire date. 

If you wish to move forward with the training program as it is described in this training course proposal, simple click on the link to contact Restoration Place/Human Trafficking Education Seminars and we will contact you within 24 hours.

For more information on HTES, please visit 

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We look forward to booking your event before the deadline!

Healthcare Requirement

This seminar meets the requirements set by the State of Michigan for all healthcare providers, in the area of human trafficking. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to each attendee, meeting the standards set by DHHS of Michigan. 

This seminar is accredited by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. After the completion of the seminar, each attendee will receive a Certificate for 4 Continuing Education Credits in Social Work. 

Please check with your licensing board for training approval in all other healthcare fields.  

Each attendee must sign-in, stay through the duration of the seminar, and complete an evaluation form before receiving a Certificate of Completion and Certificate for Continuing Education in Social Work.